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2019 Talijancich Wines and Mandoon Estate Long Table Lunch

Sunday April 28th saw Talijancich Wines and Mandoon Estate hold their third annual lunch showcasing both wineries' spectacular wines paired with beautiful food. Held at Mandoon Estate’s grounds overlooking the Swan River, around 150 guests came along to enjoy a four-course lunch served with eight wines. Winemakers Ryan Sudano and James Talijancich co-hosted the lunch, talking about the wines and fielding questions from diners.

This is a degustation with a slight twist- rather than one wine per course, two wines are served per course- giving the guests a chance to see how different wines interact with the same dish. The first course was a carpaccio of kingfish served with buttermilk and native finger lime, which was paired with the zesty Mandoon 2018 Surveyors White and the fruity 2018 Verdelho “Block 1895”. The second course comprise of wagyu, celeriac and pomme souffle and the reds served were the 2016 Mandoon Old Vine Shiraz and the 2016 Cabernet Merlot. Both wines so far apart in characteristics but beautifully balanced - the table was divided over which wine matched the meal better!

After a short interlude, it was time for desserts and our wines stepped up to the plate. The third course of a goat cheese ice cream and sudachi was paired with our 2017 Vintage Fortified and the 1981 Liqueur Shiraz. Both wines being made from Shiraz, the differences when served together highlighted the versatility of the variety. The dry, tannins with a hint of sweetness on the Vintage Fortified made for the perfect palate cleanser, while the 1981 Liqueur Shiraz was indulgent, rich and intense. By the fourth course, people were really starting to make friends with their neighbours and were anticipating the final wines. To end the lunch burnt baguette ice cream with caramel and dark chocolate was served with the Julian James White Liqueur and the 1978 Rare Pedro. This final dish was savoured by all. Pedro Ximenes is a variety that really shines in the Swan Valley. The smoothness, texture and rich layers of flavour are all products of this wonderful region and the experience and patience of the winemaker.

It was a fantastic day- thank you to all that came along and made this event memorable. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

2018 Nougat Masterclass

This year for the Entwined in the Valley festivities we joined forces with Mondo Nougat to present a masterclass in nougat.

Andrea from Mondo presented and demonstrated as guests followed along with their own blob of fresh nougat. They were shown how to handle and work it and a crash course in chemistry. Guests were able to choose their favourite fillings and do their best to combine them into the sticky nougat. When all the mess was made, it was off to the barrel room for a tasting with James while guests had their nougat cut and packaged.

All the fun is in the gallery below.

2018 Wine Club Member's Day

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