Talijancich Wines


Book a Group Tasting

A great day out in the Swan Valley starts with great friends and great planning. As a small winery that is famed for its informative and intimate customer service experience, we encourage groups and buses to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Groups of less than 6 people can arrive for a tasting anytime during opening hours without a booking. Our cellar door can accommodate groups of up to 20 guests, with a booking essential for groups of 6 or more people.

Our cellar door is open from 10.30am to 4.30pm Wednesday to Sunday, with booking times for groups available from 11am to 3.30pm each day.

We offer the following group tasting options:

$5 per person:

A selection of wines across the list. Usually two whites, two reds and two fortified wines.


Fortified tasting. One tasting of each of the non-aged fortified wines + one aged liqueur.

$10 per person:

Aged fortified tasting. One tasting each of the 10 year old liqueurs + one tasting of each of the aged fortified wines.

$25 per person:

Tour of the winery + tasting. The first Saturday of the month we reserve for groups that would like to spend some time exploring the winery with the winemaker. More details here.

$15 per cheeseboard

Add a cheeseboard or two (or three) to your tasting. Keep your guests’ energy levels up to make it through a big day in the valley. One cheeseboard is usually enough for 2-4 people.

Ready to book your tasting? Contact us!

We recommend Out and About Tours for bus services around the Swan Valley. Comfortable buses that can carry between 15 and 24 people that come equipped with friendly drivers who know wine and the area- they know us best!

Terms and Conditions

We do have a few conditions that we require groups to agree upon in order to keep Talijancich Wines a place where everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy their tasting experience.

  1. We require a deposit of $50 on all groups with the remainder to be paid on the day. We require that the driver or a designated person pay the remaining amount on the day in one transaction. Groups of less than 10 people, pay the full amount of their tasting upfront.

  2. Your guests can choose to pay extra if they would like to taste any of the aged fortified wines (starting from $3 per taste), but are not included in a tasting unless specified above.

  3. The 2007 Pedro Ximenes in not included in any tasting package. A tasting fee of $10 per tasting applies.

  4. No refund on tasting and booking fees shall be given unless the booking is cancelled by the winery.

  5.  Any outside alcohol cannot be brought onto the property (it must remain in your vehicle) and staff will refuse service to anyone that does not comply.

  6.  We do not accept Hen’s, Buck’s, 18th or 21st birthday groups. No costumed or themed events.

  7. Talijancich Wines are under no obligation to accept a group or bus that arrives without a booking. Priority is given to groups with a booking. Staff have the right to turn away groups that arrive without a booking. Last minute bookings may be accepted, please call 08 9296 4289 before arrival.

  8. Staff may refuse service to anyone who appears to be affected by alcohol, or whose behaviour is deemed by a Talijancich staff member to be unacceptable.